The new generation of seafood

100% plant-based

90% of the fish population is extinct, overused or in crisis

But hey, fish lover! We also love fish. That's why we came up with Hooked, the new generation of seafood. The taste you love and the nutrients you want, but 100% plant-based. Good for our oceans and our health.

Let's ride the wave of change!

Our story

No Overfishing

No bycatch

No fishy business

No difference for you

All the difference for the sea


We want to rock the boat of traditional seafood consumption, because it’s steering us and life in oceans to deep deep water. The benefits of plant-based seafood with the same great taste are just too many. That’s why we started Hooked two years ago. Now our first product, Hooked Toonish, is finally here!

The taste you love

55% lower CO2 emissions than tuna

Free from heavy metals and microplastics

Takes away no fish from the oceans



Toonish Original is served at restaurants in a wide variety of meals. Everything from toasts and burgers to poké bowls and salads. Enjoy your favorite food with your new favorite source of protein.

Made of soy and wheat protein, sunflower oil and algae.

17% protein

Toonish Tomat

Available in retail stores

Our first product sold in retail stores is Hooked Toonish in a premium tomato sauce.

Which one is your favorite?
Tomat & Chili
Tomat & Vitlök

Use it in your pasta, pizza, tacos, sandwich or be creative 😉 Ready to eat as it is or heated up.

For the Oceans...

The difference between fish and Hooked is minimal for you, but immense for life in water, the oceans and the future. We invite you to the not so fishy movement towards oceans full of life and mouth-watering seafood without the catch! Welcome onbord!

Our mission

...and for your Health

Hooked develops products that are like seafood, but harmless. Both to the planet and to our health. We work hard on making sure our plant-based seafood has all the health benefits of traditional seafood while certainly excluding all the heavy metals and microplastics.

Stores & Restaurants

Is eating Hooked Toonish just a drip in the ocean towards healthier oceans?

Yes it is. But small streams make great rivers. Together we can make a significant direct impact by eating plant-based seafood that doesn’t harm our oceans, while also inspiring other consumers and organizations to behavioural changes.

Let’s ride the wave of change

We are

are you?